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Emotion series

Emotion series


birds by meririm

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birds by meririm

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birds by meririm

Petite Bubu Settete~
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Italy Italy Flag by Blues-Eyes

Wow, I can't believe I have a faq too XD

Maple Leaf by catluvr2What program do you use for your digital drawings? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
I use the Gimp, a free graphic program. You can find the download site [here].

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Are you using copic markers? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Nope, it's all digital, but I like to pretend they're done on paper. For this effect I use a texture.

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Fine, what texture do you use? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Always the same, in overlay 50%: [this one].

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Will you offend if I give you a critique? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Of course I won't! Just be polite.

Maple Leaf by catluvr2I love this lineart, can I color it? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
As long as you credit me, yes you can!

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Do you take commissions? Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Yup, you can find the commission chart [here].
By the way, there are some adoptables [here] too!

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite visual artist Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Whoever evokes me a nice feeling

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite movies Maple Leaf by catluvr2
The lion king | Monsters&co | The incredibles | Inception | The prestige | Little miss sunshine | Fantozzi | The emperor's
new groove | Amadeus

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite TV shows Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Italialand | The Cosby show | Futurama | The Simpsons | Lost | Scrubs | Disney&Looney tunes cartoons

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite bands or musical artists Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Coldplay | Adele | Glenn Miller | Lucio Battisti | Hans Zimmer | Maroon 5

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite books Maple Leaf by catluvr2
1984 | Animal farm | Momo | The phantom of the opera | Leopardi's poems | Madame Bovary | Psychological essays in general

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Favorite games Maple Leaf by catluvr2
Prince of persia | Blinx | Voodoo Vince | Bugs bunny lost in time | Fatal frame I

Maple Leaf by catluvr2Other Interests Maple Leaf by catluvr2
YOUTUBE --> Eng: Pewdiepie | Nostalgia critic | Angry Video Game Nerd|| Ita: Yotobi | Victorlaszlo88


Halloween special IV

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 1:35 PM

Hello people! Pumpkin LA Icon 

As promised, here it is the Halloween special of this year! This time the journal will be made up of two parts: the first contains creepy short riddles for those who don't want to read too much, while the second a longer story. I hope you'll enjoy them!
Let's begin! 

creepy room by DarkDevi

 I was really scared last night after I read a really creepy story on a scary
website I always visit. What made it worse was that my parents were away, so I was
alone in the house. I switched on all the lights in my room and in the hall leading to
the bathroom. That calmed me down a little. The only scary thing that happened was
when I finished showering and went back to my room. I switched on the light and, at
that exact moment, my handbag fell off the chair. That made me jump! LOL 

 Yesterday, I went to the library to borrow some books. I asked the librarian where
the horror section was and she directed me to some shelves that were in the corner,
against the wall. I was browsing through the titles, when I came to a gap in the books
and a cute girl peering through at me from the other side. Our eyes met for a moment
and she smiled. I spent 10 minutes trying to work up the courage to start a
conversation with her, but in the end I just picked out 3 books and brought them over
to the librarian’s counter. Why am I such a wuss? If I’d been brave enough to talk to
that girl, I could have maybe got her number. 

 A few minutes ago, I was taking a shower and I heard a scream from the living
room. I got out of the bath and ran out there naked. When I got there, I saw a burglar
standing over the dead bodies of my mom, my dad and my sister. When the burglar
saw me, he jumped out the window and ran off. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to

☻I was delivering a pizza to an old apartment building in a bad area of town. When
I pushed the button to call the elevator, the doors opened immediately. Suddenly,
this woman ran out screaming with this crazy look on her face. She ran out of the
building before I could say a word. Some people are just weird. I looked inside the
elevator, just to check for scary murderers. Nope, nothing. But I still ended up taking
the stairs.

☻  Hi eveyone! I’m on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand and I’m staying in a cheap
hotel. The locals say this hotel is haunted, but you know how Thai people are…
They’re very superstitious. However, I did have one scary incident last night. I took
a bath and while I was blow-drying my hair, I switched on the TV. Suddenly, a
horrifying, old, white-faced woman appeared on the screen. It gave me such a fright,
I dropped the hair-drier into the bathtub. That knocked out all the lights in my room.
I had to rely on the light from the TV to get dressed. Then, when I went down to the
lobby, I found out that my little accident had knocked out the electricity in the whole
hotel. The hotel manager wasn’t very happy with me. LOL

░▒▓▒░The answers will be found in the comment section░▒▓▒░

Spooky Skull by DrAcidAvatar

Prison Inmate

A pretty woman was serving a life sentence in prison for murder. Angry and
resentful about her situation, she decided that she couldn’t spend her life in prison.
She began plotting ways to escape from the jail.

She became good friends with one of the prison caretakers. His job was to bury any
prisoners who died, in a graveyard just outside the prison walls. Whenever a prisoner
died, the caretaker rang a bell, which was heard by all of the prison inmates. The
caretaker then got the body and put it in a casket. Next, he entered his office to fill out
the death certificate before returning to the casket to nail the lid shut. Finally, he put the
casket on a wagon to take it to the graveyard and bury it.

Knowing this routine, the woman devised an escape plan and shared it with the
caretaker. The next time the bell rang, the woman would leave her cell and sneak into
the dark room where the coffins were kept.

She would slip into the coffin with the dead body while the caretaker was filling out
the death certificate. When the caretaker returned, he would nail the lid shut and take
the coffin outside the prison with the woman in the coffin along with the dead body.
He would then bury the coffin.

The woman knew there would be enough air for her to breathe until later in the
evening when the caretaker would return to the graveyard under cover of darkness,
dig up the coffin, and set her free.

The caretaker was reluctant to go along with this plan, but since he and the woman
had become good friends over the years, he agreed to do it. The woman waited
several weeks for one of the other prison inmates to die.

One night, she was asleep in her cell when she heard the death bell ringing. She got
up, picked the lock of her cell, and slowly walked down the hallway. She was nearly
caught a couple of times. Her heart was beating fast.

She opened the door to the darkened room where the coffins were kept. Quietly in
the dark, she found the coffin that contained the dead body, carefully climbed into it
and pulled the lid shut to wait for the caretaker to come and nail the lid down.
Soon she heard footsteps and the pounding of the hammer and nails. Even though
she was very uncomfortable in the coffin with the dead body beneath her, she knew
that with each nail she was one step closer to freedom.

The coffin was lifted onto the wagon and taken outside to the graveyard. She could
feel the coffin being lowered into the ground. She didn’t make a sound as the coffin
hit the bottom of the grave with a thud.

Finally she heard the dirt dropping onto the top of the wooden coffin, and she knew
that it was only a matter of time until she would be free at last. After several minutes
of absolute silence, she began to chuckle quietly to herself.

Feeling curious, she decided to light a match to find out the identity of the dead
prisoner beside her. To her horror, she discovered that she was lying on top of the
dead caretaker. 

Bloody Mary by Khdd

Halloween Special_Part1
Hello people! 
I promised you something special this October and so... here I am! 
Each Thursday I'm going to write you one of my favourites spooky stories found around the web. They actually are found under the name of creepypasta but, since I don't like the most famous ones, I'll post here those stories which are more creepy and less pasted Pumpkin La 

For those who don't know what a creepypasta is, here it is the official definition picken from the official site :Creepypasta are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name "Creepypasta" comes fr
   Halloween Special_Part2
Hello people! 

Here we are this week with a new creepypasta. Last week  I posted the story of the keyhole, what will you read next?
Hide well under your covers: don't leave an arm find your feet this night.

The Girl in the Photograph Italian version here
One school day, a boy named Tom was sitting in class and doing math. It was six more minutes until after school. As he was doing his homework, something caught his eye.
His desk was next to the window, and he turned and looked to the grass outside. It looked like a picture. When school was over, he r
   Halloween Special_Part3
Hello people! :pumpkinla: 
Here we are with our last creepy meeting! I already talked about The Keyhole and the Girl in the photograph, what will I do next?

This time I will write three stories, on the one hand because I missed to wrote for two weeks, on the other hand because it's Halloween Zombie Grabin' Pumpkin Man 
So.. let's start!
The man in the snow (Italian version here)

You are home alone, and you hear

Creepy stories found on:

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