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I use the Gimp, a free graphic program. You can find the download site [here].

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Nope, it's all digital, but I like to pretend they're done on paper. For this effect I use a texture.

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Always the same, in overlay 50%: [this one].

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In the wrong body

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 9:29 AM
Killer Whale ~ Divider by OtomeNishiki

Hello people! Starman :la: 

I had this journal in my head since May, but I wasn't in the right mood to write it mostly because I forget how to write in English, lol.
As some of you might have understood, the topic is gender identity, but no, I won't talk about transexuality since I'm a cis-girl in the first place and I'm not prepared for such a topic. So today I'm going to illustrate you a different case, a reversed story: the life of Bruce, Brenda and David. I won't make any consideration, just describe the story. The conclusion it's up to you.

In 60s' Janet Reimer gave birth to two twins, Bruce and Brian who, at the age of six months, were diagnosed with phimosis, which caused problems to urinate.
Before you go check what phimosis is (and close with your eyes shut the wikipedia page because of the explicit photo), I tell you that it is a condition in males where the foreskin cannot be fully retracted; it's normal for babies but it may sometimes cause problems like that one above and they have to be circumcised. 
So, the parents thought to bring their babies to the hospital and the doctors wanted to try an unusual way to cautherize them. They started with Bruce first, but the technique didn't work as expected and the baby lost his penis. Of course they changed method with his twin.

By chance, after some time the parents came to know with a tv interview the "Gender Neutrality theory" of a popular psychologist, a certain John Money, who was sure that gender identity wasn't a fact of biology but a fact of education. So if they wanted to help their son, told Money, they had to definetely castrate him and raise him as a girl. Bruce become Brenda.

Each year Money went to look for the twins. It was a very interesting case from his point of view, since he was both a professor and a therapist. He already worked with transexuals and thanks to such an experience he developed the Gender Neutrality theory. He was expecially applauded by those feminists who wanted a scientifical proof that females and males were born equal but then raised to be different. His main book, 
Man & Woman, Boy & Girl, was even the mainstream textbook of college. Finally he had a way to experiment his theory, moreover with two children of the same sex and age.
So, he keep visiting the twins each year, taking note of the difference of the developing of their personality, body, interests. He also used to ask the parents how was Brenda behaviour. They always lied saying that their daughter was happy and fully feminine.
By the time the twins reached the age of nine, Dr Money was confident that his theory had been proved. He wrote a medical paper revealing his findings.

In reality, Brenda wasn't happy. As her mother told further, "
She was very rebellious. She was very masculine, and I could not persuade her to do anything feminine. Brenda had almost no friends growing up. Everybody ridiculed her, called her cavewoman. [...] She was a very lonely, lonely girl"
She even tried to do her bodily functions as a boy, standing.

In any case, with puberty, she started to take estrogens and developed secundary sexual attributes. 
But at the age of thirteen, Brenda was experiencing suicidal depression, and he told her parents she would commit suicide if they made him see John Money again. Finally, two years later, pushed by Brenda's psychiatrist, the parents told the truth, and Brenda renamed himself David, as that legendary boy who was able to defeat the giant Golia. 

In adulthood he met a woman and they married. But the bad relationship with his parents, the loss of the twin and the separation from the wife made him decide to end his anguished life.

His case become a media event after his interview with John Colapinto published in the book "As Nature Made Him: the boy who was raised as a girl".
He told about his childhood, lived as something external, as if it wasn't himself wearing those frilly dresses, brushing that long hair, fitting girly roles. He said he always felt he was a boy, despite his look, despite the estrogens. The lost childhood tortured him.

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